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How It Works

At Knotted, we understand that finding a life partner is a significant and personal endeavour. Our process is carefully crafted to prioritise your preferences, values, and requirements, ensuring that each step brings you closer to meaningful connections. 


Read on to discover the seamless and thoughtful approach that sets Knotted apart in the world of matrimonial matchmaking. 


1) Contact us; the matchmaking process starts with a free consultation over the phone, where we get to know your specific needs and wants and you can better understand our process. 


2) If you choose to proceed after the call, and let us know, we email you the appropriate forms for registering yourself, including an application form and our terms and conditions. We will also ask for a photo and residency/citizenship proof. 


3) Once we receive your reply, we can schedule a face-to-face meeting with your matchmaker, Nidhi, where you can get to know her and vice versa! This is also a good time to talk about the priorities and specific requirements that you mentioned in your application. 


4) After understanding you and your journey, we will write up a profile for you, to post on our website and social media platforms. Note that we do not share your photo or name in this profile. Anonymity is kept at all times during advertising. 


5) Besides advertising, Knotted also looks through our pre-existing profiles to see if your values and lifestyle preferences align with the profiles on the database. 

6) Upon finding a suitable match, we will email their profile to you, and your profile to them. 


7) Once you both have expressed a liking, Nidhi will proceed to share with you personal details like their name and photo(s). 


8) The rest of the process is up to you! If you start dating, and decide to get hitched, we would love some feedback on the process and your experience with Knotted.


9) Let Nidhi know when you have found someone and want us to stop sending ideal matches and we will put the remaining time of your membership on hold.


Congratulations on taking the first step towards finding a fulfilling connection! The Knotted experience is designed to be transparent, personalised, and dedicated to your journey. As you explore the steps outlined in "How it works," remember that our commitment extends beyond the initial matchmaking process. We are here to support you through every stage, whether you find a special someone early on or embark on a more extended search. Your feedback matters, and we value your experience with Knotted!

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