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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is Knotted different to any other online matchmaking website?


The biggest difference is the way we operate to find you a match at Knotted.


An online match making website is a computerized matching process that works without any human intervention. However, at Knotted we have a dedicated team that works with you to understand you, your personality and background, to help you find your perfect life partner.

In online match making websites, there are no screenings upfront at the time of registration. Anyone can go online and create a profile with any information. At Knotted, we organize face-to-face meetings with our clients; that helps us know our clients better, and understand their preferences on a personal level. We also do referral checks for all our clients at registration, to ensure we have accurate data and reliable references.

Moreover, your profiles are highly confidential with us, which means no one else can view them. We strictly hold all sensitive client information, and do not post any client information online.


We strive to provide you personalized service and attention for creating and developing your long-term relationship.

2. How would Knotted find my best match?

We are experienced and passionate professionals with interest and success in providing matchmaking services.


We conduct personal interviews and use tools like simple questionnaires, to learn about you and connect with what you are looking for. We take feedback from the meetings that we arrange for you, and with such conversations, we continually learn how to pair you with someone who compliments you.

We also use your answers to the questionnaires to establish your partner preferences, and with this growing knowledge seek matches within our client base that would suit your interests, background and compatibility.



3. Do you guarantee success?

No one can guarantee success in match making. However, we are very passionate about finding you the best match and are striving to build life-long matches made in heaven on planet earth.

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